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November 2022

Virtual Visits: Conveniently see your physician when you need to

Show care for the caregivers in your family this holiday season

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GMA Virtual Visits Available

Sometimes it’s hard to get away and drive to the doctor’s office, but it’s important to seek care when you and your family need it. Virtual office visits can be a convenient option and allow you to still meet with your physician, who knows you best and can ensure you get the right care. You can have your safe, secure visit over FaceTime, Google Duo or Microsoft Teams.

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Dr. Konrad “K.C.” Nau | Glenwood Medical Associates

It’s a Team Effort! Meet Dr. Konrad “K.C.” Nau

Dr. K.C. Nau serves as GMA’s medical director and focuses on geriatric and family medicine. Dr. Nau comes from a big family – he’s one of seven – so focusing on families and patients throughout their lives has always been his passion. “I’m patient-centered,” Dr. Nau says. “I want to know what’s important for the patient and what their goals are for their care.”  Dr. Nau is board certified and accepting new patients.

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Showing Care for Caregivers During the Holidays

More than one in five Americans – 21.3% – care for an adult or child with special needs, according to AARP. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can put added pressure on caregivers. November is National Family Caregivers Month – a time to honor those caregivers and raise awareness about all they do to support their families. Here are five things you can do to support a caregiver over the holidays:

  • Offer to help – make it specific of when and how you can help, and make sure they can rest or focus on their own wellness during that break.
  • Help your caregiver find a respite care service for their family member, which will get them engaged with their community while giving the caregiver time to rest and recharge. Learn more about respite care services here.
  • Show the caregiver a new technology that can help them care for their loved one.
  • If your caregiver also plays host for the holidays, offer to take that on – or support them by cooking, wrapping gifts or tidying up around their home.
  • Be present – check in and ask how they’re doing – and know when to suggest the caregiver seek additional support from family, peers or a physician.

Find more tips and support for caregivers here.

Maintaining Health Habits for the Holidays

There’s plenty we’re grateful for this year – and we’re looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. But, Thanksgiving and the holiday season can mean busier schedules and much more food and drink. At GMA, we focus on a few things to maintain health habits through the holidays:

  1. Plan activities that get you moving as a family. With kids on break, find ways to spend time together while moving – get out a build a snowman or go snowshoeing.
  2. Practice mindful eating. Start the day right with a balanced breakfast. For holiday meals or parties fill your plate – with vegetables first. And, raise a glass of club soda or water between drinks to moderate how much alcohol you consume and stay hydrated.
  3. Carve out time for yourself. Whether you unwind by meditating, taking a warm bath or going for a walk, set aside time that allows you to relax and reflect.

Prepare for the Fall Respiratory Season

With the rise of RSV, colds and flu, while also working to stay vigilant against COVID-19, there are actions you and your family can take to stay healthy:

  • Get your flu & COVID-19 shots or boosters: We have flu shots available now, and they’re safe to receive with your COVID-19 vaccine or booster, including omicron boosters that are now available at GMA for those 18 and older.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick & stay home when you’re sick. Keeping your distance and staying home can help stop the spread of respiratory illnesses.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing – or consider wearing a mask in public settings.
  • Wash your hands & practice other health habits. Handwashing, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are things that can boost your immune system and help you stay well.

Call or text 970-945-8503 to make an appointment to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the flu today.

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