JOB SUMMARY:  Serves as a manager for the Reception Services department at Glenwood Medical Associates.  Oversees patient scheduling and handling phone calls, as well as training Reception Services staff with other designated trainers.  Develops and maintains a thorough working knowledge of electronic/computerized scheduling system.  Implements new technology for greater efficiency and workflow for multi-departmental benefits.  Must work professionally in view of the public and with staff.  Models, teaches and demands a high degree of professional demeanor. Ensures that Reception Services staff obtains all patient information needed to produce documents and data that facilitate the process of patient scheduling and the customer service cycle at GMA.  Must have the ability to smile and project a positive attitude to patients and staff, which is consistent with the mission of Glenwood Medical Associates.  Has a thorough understanding of the patient scheduling system, as well as the desires and requirements of GMA physicians and non-physician providers of their clinical schedules. Is a member of a growing company with an emphasis on patient and customer services and teamwork.

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