Coumadin Therapy & Testing

What is Coumadin® and why do I need to monitor my dosage?

Coumadin® is an anticoagulant which helps reduce clots from forming in the blood. GMA offers the most efficient and effective Coumadin® Clinic in the region.

If your doctor wants you to take Coumadin® it is because your body may make clots that you don’t need. These clots can cause serious medical problems by moving to another part of your body. For example, if a clot moves to your brain, it can cause a stroke.

The use of Coumadin® must be monitored closely to ensure correct dosage and to minimize the risk of bleeding due to excessive blood thinning. Until recently, a patient needed to come into the physician’s office, have his or her blood drawn and sent on to a lab to be analyzed. This process is cumbersome and necessitates having blood drawn from an arm vein; additionally, results can take up to 48 hours.

The GMA Coumadin® Clinic, the first in the area, provides a new finger-stick method of blood analysis, approved by the FDA in 1997. You will visit with a nurse practitioner each time. Any adjustment to your medication dosage can be made immediately, in consultation with your physician, if necessary. The test eliminates the need for blood draws, and ensures that accurate results are available within two minutes. You can then go home, confident that your medication dosage is right for you.

Immediate modification to your treatment enhances your quality of life.