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Just say GMA for Osteoporosis Prevention

While osteoporosis is a devastating disease with enormous impact, it’s not an inevitable part of aging. About 25 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis. This bone-weakening disease makes bones so brittle, they break easily. Fractures associated with osteoporosis can lead to pain, height loss, difficulty moving, spinal curvature and possibly permanent disability. Fortunately, osteoporosis is highly preventable and treatable if diagnosed early. That’s why the osteoporosis prevention and treatment team at GMA emphasizes early intervention.

We start by giving you a state-of-the-art bone density test on our GE Lunar Prodigy Scanner otherwise known as a DXA scanner. DXA is a highly sophisticated, diagnostic tool, providing the most accurate and advanced technique now available. This is a simple, painless, noninvasive test that tells us exactly how much bone density you may have lost.

In addition, GMA provides Vertebral Fracture Assessment (VFA). VFA permits imaging of the thoracic and lumbar spines to evaluate for the presence of vertebral fractures. The early detection of vertebral fractures helps us in providing appropriate treatment to lower the risk of other fractures. The VFA images can be obtained at the same time as a bone density during a DXA scan with GMA’s GE Lunar Prodigy Advance IM bone densitometer.

Both GMA’s technologist and our director of the Osteoporosis Diagnostic Center are certified professionals.

Additional Information

In preparation, do not use calcium supplements 24 hours prior to your scheduled exam and bring a list of medications you are currently taking. Wear loose clothing and zero metal.

Densitometry accepts outside referrals. Please come with or have an order faxed to GMA. Results are shared with both patient and the referring doctor in a week’s time.