The Importance of Family Medicine

Maintaining the Human Side of Health Care

For many decades, family doctors have been the cornerstone of compassionate, people-centered care. At GMA, we believe these physicians are more important than ever to the future of health care. The rate and complexity of changes in health care have increased dramatically in the 21st century. Chronic diseases have overtaken infectious diseases as the leading cause of  morbidity, disability and mortality. Preventing and managing these diseases requires a strong, primary care structure with family physicians at its core.

Our family docs care for your common ailments, but also partner with you on long-term wellness and disease prevention. They also act as the central point-of-contact, coordinating all your care should you need to see a specialist or be hospitalized. They know their patients well, watch them age and change, and are the best guardians of the whole person over a lifetime. Better yet, our family docs do all this at the lowest cost, while still delivering the kind of attentive care you appreciate. 

In addition to our primary care specialists, you can depend on GMA for specialized care in dermatology, gynecology and physical therapy. 

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