Information About Your Bill

For Procedures Done by a GMA Practitioner at Valley View Hospital

Thank you for choosing Glenwood Medical for your health care. The following information will be helpful in understanding what you may expect after your physician has scheduled a procedure at Valley View Hospital in the Special Procedures Area.

First, Glenwood Medical and Valley View Hospital are separate facilities and will be filing your insurance or sending a billing statement to you separately. Glenwood Medical bills you for the physician services, and the hospital bills you for hospital services such as the use of the procedure room, medication, nursing, etc.

In addition, if your procedure involves any other services such as the pathologist for the reading of tissue samples, or the radiologist for reading any xrays, these companies will also be filing a claim with your insurance or sending you a billing statement.

About pathology services and billing.  If your endoscopic  procedure required the examination of tissue specimens, the specimens are sent to Pathology Associates of RFV (Dr. Jerry Steinbrecher, Dr. Robert Macaulay, and Dr. Frank Holmes) for review.  Each tissue sample is reviewed by a Board Certified Pathologist and is examined for cancer and other potential disease processes. The cost of this review may range from $300 – $700 or more, depending on the number of specimens examined.

The Admissions department at the hospital will complete their registration and are unable to forward this information to Glenwood Medical. If you are a new patient with our office and we are contracted to file insurance claims on you rbehalf, we require a copy of your insurance card and the attached nsurance form, completed and signed. It is important that you are aware of your insurance plan’s limitations or exclusions. As yourself, “Which procedures and diagnostic conditions does my insurance approve and cover? Does my insurance require a pre-certification for this procedure? Have I met my deductible?”

Our office cannot quote the exact fee for the physician, as it would depend on which procedures are performed. The base physician fees are listed below.

Upper Endoscopy$646 fee43235 billing code
Colonoscopy$784 fee45378 billing code
Flex-sig$200 fee45330 billing code

Any additional techniques used by your physician would increase this fee.

You may contact Valley View Hospital at 945-6535 for a procedure quote for their services.

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