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About 25 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis. It’s a bone-weakening disease that makes bones so brittle, they break easily. Fractures associated with osteoporosis can lead to pain, height loss, difficulty moving, spinal curvature and possibly permanent disability.

That’s why the osteoporosis prevention and treatment team at Glenwood Medical Associates emphasizes early intervention. We’ll do everything possible to help you avoid osteoporosis and its early-stage cousin, osteopenia.

We start by giving you our state-of-the-art bone density test on our new DXA scanner. This is a simple, painless, noninvasive test that tells us exactly how much bone density you may have lost. This test is an important indicator because there are no symptoms of osteoporosis.

Prevention is important because osteoporosis is not curable and cannot be reversed. Prevention steps include:

  • Increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake to build stronger bones with increased calcium absorption.
  • Exercising regularly to build strong bones through walking, jogging and other weight-bearing movements.
  • Taking steps to avoid injuries, falls and fractures by making your environment safer.

Your DXA bone studies are performed by a certified densitometry technologist and interpreted by a board-certified MD and clinical densitometrist on staff.GMA also offers patients comprehensive value-added services and conveniences. Call us and take advantage of the most experienced, complete and compassionate osteoporosis care available. We also welcome and encourage referrals from patients and other physicians.

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